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musicswap's Journal

Music Swap
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Here's a place for... you guessed it, swapping music. Music formats or CD's if you feel like trading with someone! (As was intended in the origin of this community, but we're all lazy folk - this is easier)

There are no real requirements for joining. This is an open community, so come and go as you wish. But what fun would this be if everyone joined to get music, but no one shared? So hey, if you decide to join, and feel like uploading an album or creating a mix of your favorite songs to send to some random person you met on the internet... that'd be great.

what can be posted here?
Anything music related, including but not restricted to...
* Full/partial albums or teasers
* Mixes, genre mixes, workout mixes etc
* Mix requests
* Lyrics
* Recommended downloads
* New and upcoming bands
* Band reviews - did you go to a concert and like it? Hate it? Why?
* Advertisements - if you're advertising a band, please don't just post the ad. Post links to sample songs so we can get a feel for you. This is a free music community, so if you're just going to post about your band and give a link to where we can buy a CD, but no free samples... don't bother! Advertisements to other music communities are fine as well, but offer something in your post so it's not just an ad.

If you've got a mix you'd like to share with the livejournal world, please do! Without you, this community can't run. Here's what you do:
1) Make a list of what is included in the mix, including:
a) genre of mix - not all of us know who the Getup Kids are, etc...
b) pace/mood of mix - fast? slow? Is this break-up music, work-out music, etc...
2) Upload somewhere*, w/ links in your post.
3) Done!

* Find somewhere safe to host. As of updating this userinfo in 2012, the mod is no longer sure where people can upload things. Try YouSendIt or RapidShare? Megaupload is dead.

Are you looking for something to listen to while you work out? While doing homework? Driving to work? Well, whatever you're doing that you need music for, you'll probably find something worthy here!
Alternatively, you could post a request. If you request, make sure you let us know what you're looking for. A specific genre? Mood/pace? Band? Something good for working out? We've even heard people looking to be introduced to rap for people who don't usually like rap.

Disclaimer: I neither promote nor condemn downloading commercial music. However, the RIAA strongly suggests that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. I think you can make your own decision on what you do with your music. What you listen to and where you get your music from is not my concern. What you do with it after those twenty-four hours is your own responsibility.

Your mods are karohi and matanai. If you have questions, comments or problems, please contact one of us!

ysi_leftovers ||| aurgasms
If you'd like to be community affiliates, comment on matanai or email me. Only music-related communities & journals, please!