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Toxic Chicken - And A Loaf Of Cheese (SPNet101)

SPNet101 - Toxic Chicken - And A Loaf Of Cheese
Mostly 256kbps - 15 minutes, 7 seconds
File under: Electronic, IDM

01 - Toxic Chicken - Sampled Love (3:50)
02 - Toxic Chicken - My Dog Sleeps (2:05)
03 - Toxic Chicken - One Minute Man (1:05; 320kbps)
04 - Toxic Chicken - Dodgy Lodgers In Bohemian Grove (2:53)
05 - Toxic Chicken - The Lazy Pensioner (1:22)
06 - Toxic Chicken & Ech(o) - You Are Not The Only One (3:52; 192kbps)

If there is one thing Toxic Chicken (alias Covolux, Kai Nobuko, SPTOtfSP, half of Monster Weird, and many others) has proven over the project's prolific career, it is that even the most obscure subject can turn it into a catchy, memorable track.  Such is the case with And A Loaf Of Cheese, which takes topics like lazy old people, sleeping dogs, and of course cheese and turns them into fun beat-driven experiences full of joy.  Toxic Chicken has kicked off the next 100 SPNet releases with a light-hearted romp that will only leave the listener wanting more.

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